The desserts of Couzapín are the perfect finish to a quality gastronomic experience. Enjoy our desserts based on Asturian cuisine with renewed touches and made with the best raw ingredients involving all the care and simplicity that this requires.


Rice with "Burnt" Milk

Caramelized Apple Fritters

Freshly Baked Apple Puff Pastry

Creamy French Toast Just like Always but Made A Different Way

Mille-feuille of Cream and Chocolate

Astur-Apple Strudel

Black Chocolate Cake with English Cream

White Chocolate Cake

3 chocolates Cake

Cheesecake with Raspberry Jam

Seasonal Fruit

Lemon Sorbet with a Touch of Cider

Sanguina Orange Ice Cream with Amaretto

Couzapin Cup

Gallery “Desserts”


Arroz con leche


Freixuelos caramelizados

Helado de Naranja Sanguina con Amareto

Hojaldre de manzana


Torrija cremosa


Milhojas de crema


Astur-estrudel de manzana

Tarta de chocolate negro

Tarta de chocolate negro

Tarta de chocolate blanco

Tarta de chocolate blanco

Tarta de 3 chocolates

Tarta de queso

Fruta de temporada

Sorbete de limón

copa couzapin

Copa Couzapín