Contemporary Asturian Cuisine

Couzapín combines the best Asturian dishes with a cuisine that is always devoted to finding the highest quality seasonal produce.

We are specialists in Asturian Beans with modern touches. We have the best raw fish and meat ingredients as well as a wide variety of cheeses from Asturias.

In our restaurant we bet on the quality of our tasty dishes and the excellence of only using the best seasonal raw ingredients.


Friendly Atmosphere

Couzapin has different spaces according to the needs of the guests: You can enjoy a quiet evening in our main room, a family reunion, a gathering of friends or company get-together in our private room for all kinds of group celebrations or a more informal get-together in the lively cider house and bars where you can enjoy the best portions and tapas with quality produce.

Decorated with a rustic and cozy touch where Asturias is the main theme.


Seasonal Produce

In Couzapín we bet on quality raw ingredients, respecting their seasonality and treating them with the greatest of care, to offer you exceptional cuisine within the reach of your palate.

Taste the best fish from the Bay of Biscay (wild turbot, Monkfish, seabass skewers, rock fish) through our excellent controlled harvest beans or the meats from the happiest cows in the world that graze in the Picos de Europa.

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Current kitchen based on the best produce

In Couzapín, the restaurant featuring hard cider we know the best raw ingredients of each season and we bring it to our plates, worked with the care and the respectful elaboration that its quality requires.


Enjoy a menu filled with the best beans, fish, red meats and seasonal vegetables.


We have a wide range of Asturian cheeses; the largest cheese-making zone in Europe after the Netherlands, as well as a daily stew to enjoy good cooking from Monday to Friday.

The best of Asturias with Couzapín’s personality.


A restaurant where you can enjoy being in company with good gastronomy

Come and enjoy with us all the flavor of Asturias!

Opening hours:

We are closed on Sunday afternoons.

Uninterrupted cooking 24 hours a day.

Come to eat at any time of the day.

It is essential to make a reservation on weekends.

Calle Menorca 33, 28009 Madrid

91 400 93 55 | 91 400 93 56